Human Resources

Our Corporate Policy

The main target of our Human Resources policy is; choosing a human resource suitable for the corporate structure of our company and providing the necessary training, development and training activities to create competitive advantage, and creating a common corporate culture. Our employee profile; is a human resource that is open to change and development, has a high motivation for success, believes in teamwork, team spirit, uses its resources and time correctly and at the same time, has high social responsibility sensitivity.

Course of the process

Human resources and department managers work together in the competency-based selection and placement process, which is structured to ensure that candidates are placed in the right job. Human Resources invites the candidate for an interview by managing the pre-assessment process. The suitability of the candidate to the corporate culture, matching the position sought with the candidate's qualifications are examined. Then, the candidate is interviewed with the department manager in order to evaluate the professional knowledge of the candidate. Upon completion of the selection process, the result is reported to the candidate.


For a specific position, you can access our job vacancies directly on; for general applications, please fill the form below.

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