About us

From first day to today, to develop supportive nutritional supplement products for happy and healthy families before and after pregnancy, we aimed to carry out studies at the highest level in our R&D production and supply units.

In this direction, we carry out the R & D and production of our OTC group products that we offer in the fields of obstetrics and urology from production facilities in Germany and Spain that comply with EU standards.

We continue the production of our special and licensed nutritional supplement products by developing our investments for both domestic and foreign export activities.

As NeuPharma, we are proud of our contributions to human health and the country's economy with our works effective sales-marketing channels and reliable production experience in our work we carry out the country.

Our active sales staff which is trained, experienced that opareted under our regional directorates of all Turkey; we analyze the past, capture the present and look forward to the future by supporting with training on medical, product information, sales and marketing techniques.

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